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 Do you love an exciting, heart wrenching Highlander romance?  I do and it was a joy to write this series. A secret love affair,  forced marriage, kidnapping,  pirates, and a  handsome Highlander rescuing a damsel in distress. What more could you ask for? Oh yes, the pages will sizzle, after all this is written by H.C. Brown :-)

Join me on an exciting journey of love and devotion, set in Georgian England and the wilds of the Scottish Highlands in

The Mackenzie Series.

Book one Charmed is available now, Betrayed and Seduced are available on Pre-order.


Highlander Drew Mackenzie’s double life as a respectable gentleman and the notorious, smuggler, Le Diable Noir, comes into jeopardy the moment Lady Adrianna Beachwood’s father rejects him as a suitor. He devises an ingenious deception to meet her in secret by using his cousin, the respectable, Lord Rupert as a decoy.

Nothing goes to plan and when the feisty goddaughter of George II is thrust into danger, her only chance of survival lies in the hands of her courageous and deliciously handsome Scottish warrior.


Chapter One

ady Adrianna Beachwood slid into the shadows masking the terrace, her attention captivated on the tall stranger bowing over Lady Bracken’s hand in the receiving line. At last, a gentleman worthy of my consideration. He straightened and bestowed a brilliant smile on his hostess before moving through the reception room in her direction. Sauntering past in elegant glory leaving the expensive fragrance of bergamot in his wake, he astounded her. Dangerously handsome and with the hungry countenance of a wolf, he cast a predatory gaze over the silk encased ladies gathering in the foyer. From the enthusiastic titters beside her and the flutter of fans in her periphery, his perfect proportions, and elegant form had attracted more than a few ladies devotion.
She admired tall men and he was indeed the most stylish of gentlemen. His magnificent broad shoulders fit snugly inside a dark blue jacket nipped at the waist and worn over crisp ivory linen with an overindulgence of lace in the French mode. Her gaze drifted in wanton abandon from his expertly folded silk cravat tucked into a heavily embroidered waistcoat to his breeches cut tight enough to enhance his long muscular legs. Lifting her fan to hide her heated cheeks, she gaped after him. Rather than covering his head with a wig, he had queued his glossy ebony hair at the nape without one trace of powder, yet he certainly appeared to be a devotee to fashion by the cut of his cloth, and the expensive lace at his cuffs.
Her attention matched his swagger in the direction of the ballroom and entranced by his devilish countenance, she stepped into the hallway and followed him along the passageway. She picked up her step, but he sauntered straight past the ballroom without as much as a glimpse within and continued in the direction of the card room. Bother! Adrianna pressed her lips together and stared after him. Determined not to miss the opportunity to catch his eye, she cleared her throat. The temptation of a man stopped abruptly and turned to face her. His languid gaze traveled over her and as he inclined his dark head, the corners of his full mouth twitched into a secretive smile.
A booming voice, announcing the arrival of her father, broke the spell.
“Ah, there you are Adrianna. Why, may I ask do you find it necessary to dally so close to the card room? It is not seemly for a lady to be in close proximity to gamesters, my dear.” He moved to her side then his gaze slid past her and darkened at the sight of the handsome stranger. “Come along, I am sure there are more suitable gentlemen waiting to fill your card.” He offered his arm.
Annoyed by her father’s untimely appearance, she composed her features into a mask of disinterest, and rested one hand on his arm. “I noticed you in the company of Lord Somerton in the receiving room and assumed you would pass this way so I waited for you, Papa.”
His nostrils flared in disgust and he bent his head lowering his voice. His acid tongue lashed over her like a whip.
“You are not a girl on her first come out and should know better than to expose yourself to rakes and ne’re do wells.”
She turned to him aghast. “Oh, Papa, your worry is unfounded. To be sure, Lord Bracken would not allow scoundrels within a mile of Lady Bracken’s soiree.”
Her father raised both eyebrows and peered at her thoughtfully through his quizzing glass.
“Adrianna, your naivety astounds me. It would seem I will have to keep a closer eye on you this evening.” He tucked an errant curl into her chignon with unexpected skill. “Come along, I have arranged for a number of respectable gentlemen to make your acquaintance.”
A wave of heat crawled up her neck. Indeed, the delicious man had caused her pulse to race in an alarming fashion but with her father’s words, the hope of an introduction to the tantalizing stranger splintered into a thousand pieces. She forced her lips into a smile, raised her chin, and strolled into the lushly decorated ballroom. Moving through the crush, she made her way toward her usual bevy of friends. She inhaled to calm her nerves and wrinkled her nose in distaste. The delicate glass vases perched high upon alabaster podiums overflowed with roses but did little to disguise the foul odor of stale sweat permeating the stiflingly hot air. All at once, the room moved in and out of focus.
“Adrianna.” Her father’s voice cracked like a whip in her ear. “What is amiss?”
Flicking open her fan, she met his furious gaze. “It is very hot in here, Papa. Perhaps a cordial might help?”
Her father lowered his deep voice to a whisper.
“Very well. Sit down and for heaven’s sake do not make a scene. It is imperative you fill your card this evening.” He offered a congenial smile to the small group watching with interest and deposited her beside a matron. “I will go for some refreshment, Adrianna.”
Her heart sank at her father’s direction. She had little choice but to act the dutiful daughter, although the men her father had thrown in her path had become as boring as last week's broadsheets. How am I to stand another evening like this? She gathered her wits and smiled. “Thank you, Papa.”
The usual old and uninteresting bread puddings of men approached to fill her card. Listening with feigned interest at their nonsensical dialogue, her thoughts returned to the handsome stranger. She swallowed hard and gazed at the group of hopeful suitors. God help her. From this night onward, she would compare all men to him, her phantom of delight.
The desire to catch another glimpse of him consumed her and she ignored the chatter. With effort, she pushed down the overpowering need to lift her skirts and dash back to the card room. She observed the men her father had selected as suitable and none of them cut a dashing figure or had the face of a dark angel. She hid a smile behind her fan forcing her attention to the conversations buzzing around her like a swarm of angry bees, but her thoughts slipped unrestrained to the card room and the temptation within. Good Lord, the man had taken up permanent residence in her mind. One look at him had bewitched her into a witless ninny.
The suffocating devotion from the group of balding, overweight, suitors was unbearable, and waiting for a convenient pause in the conversation, she stood. “Please excuse me for one moment, gentlemen.”
She moved through the crush and along the hallway determined to reach her destination by way of the card room. Lifting her ample silk skirts, she weaved through the crowd keen to glimpse the gamester’s retreat and the forbidden delights within. Remaining close to the wall, she slipped into the passageway, rounded the corner, and paused beside the card room door. She peeked inside and her heart raced. He sat at a table close to the doorway engaged in conversation with her host, Lord Bracken. From within, she overheard not a Parisian accent as she had expected from his attire, but a deep Scottish brogue as potent as the finest Scotch whisky.
“Aye, I attended King Louis’ Court less than a month ago. Du Court is not a man I would do business wi’ and he one of the most brutal men I have had the misfortune to meet. He takes great pleasure in decapitating his enemies and displaying their heads on stakes atop the ramparts of his castle.” He cleared his throat. “Not to mention the rumors abounding in respect of the suspicious deaths of his two previous wives. The man is a brute and ma advice to ye is to keep well clear of him.”
Lord Bracken’s deep voice came in reply.
“It would seem the rumors I overheard in Whites held some truth.”
She blinked away images of severed heads hoisted upon stakes and took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves. Conversation of such a distressing nature was not for mixed company to be sure. With care not to appear too interested in the contents within, she chanced another swift glance inside and she met a pair of emerald green eyes twinkling with mischief.
Breathless at the sight of him, she pressed one hand to her throat. Heavens above, not only had she caught the deliciously handsome man’s attention, but his gaze held an enticing offer of intimacy. Her face grew uncomfortably hot and she raised her fan in a vain attempt to disguise her response to him. Unable to look away from his intense expression, she lingered caught in his spell.
The stranger winked at her and his full tempting mouth twitched into a smile around a gold tipped cheroot holder. Her heart pounded and she froze caught by his sinful attention like a rabbit in a deadly dance with a fox. He lowered deliciously long black lashes, folded his cards on the table, dropped his cheroot into the ashtray, and pushed to his feet.
Anticipation prickled down her spine and her limbs refused the command to move. The stranger strolled toward her with an interested expression on his handsome face. Fighting against the overpowering desire to wait for him, she shut her fan, lifted her nose in a dismissive air, and proceeded along the hallway. His soft footsteps sounded behind her and his hand brushed her elbow. She should not stop but the exotic scent of him enveloped her and all good sense fled. Heart pounding with anticipation, she turned slowly to face him.
He stared down at her from a great height, his eyes a sliver of green beneath hooded lids. His gentle smile sent a tingle of awareness to the junction of her thighs. Dear God, he is magnificent.
“Your servant, ma lady.” He bowed. “I noticed ye were trying to get ma attention. If ye have something of importance to say to me. This is not the place. Would ye perhaps walk wi’ me in the garden?” He offered his arm.
Heat shot up her neck scalding her cheeks. Embarrassed, she bobbed a curtsy and averted her gaze. “I thank you, sir, but as we have not been formally introduced, I fear I must decline.”
“A formality easily remedied.” He bestowed a devastating smile upon her. “If ye will wait one moment.” He bowed and turned back toward the cardroom.
Moments later, he returned with Lord Bracken. Her father’s best friend gave her a long considering stare, sighed disapprovingly, and turned to the Scottish gentleman.
“Lady Adrianna Beechwood, may I present Drew Mackenzie from the Clan Makenzie at Badenoch?”
“I am your most obedient servant, ma lady.” Mr. Mackenzie bowed low over her hand and brushed his lips across her knuckles leaving a trail of heat then rose. “Now we have been formally introduced, would you, by chance have a space on your dance card for me?”
She lifted her gaze and fell into an ocean of glittering green. “I am afraid my card is full.”
He held her gaze and beside him, Lord Bracken cleared his throat.
“I am heartbroken but at least allow me to escort ye to the ballroom.” Drew sighed and offered his arm.
Unnerved by the overwhelming desire to melt into his strong arms and damn the consequences, she dragged her senses into a modicum of order, and smiled in her best coquettish manner. “Thank you.”
Her pulse raced with every step toward the ballroom. The crush opened like the sea for Moses allowing their passage. People stared and chits dropped open their jaws at the sight of her splendid companion. When they paused on the perimeter of the dance floor, he turned to face her and bowed.
“If ye are not spoken for, I would verra much like to call on ye, ma lady.” Mackenzie smiled warmly and met her gaze. “If ye would permit such a thing?”
“I must admit, good sir, you are an intriguing fellow and I would be most happy for you to call on me.” She smiled and made her curtsy. “I beg you to excuse me. I find I am late for the first set. Please accept my apologies for disturbing your game.”
Unnerved beyond reason, she brushed past him and pushed through the crush spilling from the passageway. The music had started for the first set, and to her relief one of her father’s elderly colleagues, Lord Winton, strode toward her, his ruddy cheeks dimpling from a wide smile.
“I believe this is my set?” Lord Winton bowed over her hand dispersing a shower of dust from his overly powdered wig. “May I have the pleasure of escorting you to supper this evening, Lady Adrianna?”
Smiling, she met his gaze. “Yes, I would like that very much, Lord Winton.” She gave him her curtsy and laid a hand on his arm.
Standing opposite her partner in the middle of the ballroom, she searched the crowd for Drew Mackenzie, and her heart squeezed at the sight of him. He stood out like a beacon at the edge of the dance floor with one shoulder resting nonchalantly against the wall. He smiled outrageously, then turned and vanished into the crowd.
Her stomach fluttered in an unnerving fashion. In truth, no gentleman had ever looked upon her with desire, after all, her brown curls and fuller figure usually attracted widowers. Indeed, he had caused an unfamiliar curl of desire to blossom inside her and she wanted to experience the thrill again. At last, she had caught a young man’s interest. Excited at the thought of their fortuitous introduction, she smiled and could not contain the enthusiasm in her dance steps much to the delight of Lord Winton.
“It is good to see you smile, Lady Adrianna.” Lord Winton’s violet-scented breath accosted her nose.
She inclined her head and fought back a giggle. “It is a delightful evening to be sure.”
To think a dashing young man was interested in her. At one and twenty, she could not afford to lose such an opportunity and making an effort to push his delightful image from her mind, she concentrated on the complicated steps of the dance but to no avail. His handsome face and intimate gaze continued to linger in her consciousness like a forbidden confection.

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Inked Rainbow Reads: - 4 and 4.5 star reviews for Stalked!

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TRR Readers' Choice Awards - Winter 2015.

A few of my books are competing in the, TRR Readers' Choice Awards - Winter 2015.
They each need 50 nominations to move to the next round. So if you enjoyed my books, I would appreciate a vote or two. Thank you J


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Release Day!!! Melting Down Under by H.C. Brown + Steamy Excerpt

Melting Down Under by links:

When calendar boy Zac, arrives from an interstate fire station to join the Gold Coast crew, the heat in the firehouse turns up to melting and the hot man he desires is just waiting for a bad boy to dominate.
Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of forced seduction, bondage, BDSM, and adventure. Take a Walk on the Wild Side.
The sight of all that damp, naked flesh so close made his stomach drop. His cock rose in appreciation and his balls tightened, demanding satisfaction. Zac sauntered toward him and, with one hot swipe, licked the condensation from the bottle off his cheek. He stood back, and the tip of his wet tongue slid across his full lips. Without saying a word, he took the beer from him, and guzzled it down. Beer trickled from the corner of his mouth and his Adam’s apple moved with each swallow. Unable to resist, Ryan leaned toward him and sipped the amber liquid from his hot flesh.
Zac lowered the bottle and with his eyes dancing with mischief, poured a stream of beer over Ryan’s nipple. When he bent to lap and tease the aching bud Ryan groaned and bit his lip against the rush of pure unadulterated pleasure. He leaned on the counter, and allowed Zac to pleasure him. After licking him clean and planting hot, open-mouthed kisses down his chest, Zac moved his attentions to his belt. His long fingers swiftly undid the top button of Ryan’s pants. The touch of the man’s fingers chilled and damp from the cold beer bottle sent a shiver of delight curling around Ryan’s balls.
He rested a hand on Zac’s shoulder. “I need a shower.”
“And I need a man to smell like a man. You are just right.” Zac dropped dark lashes over his sultry gaze and eased down his zipper.
As Zac pushed down his boxers, cool air brushed his heated skin. The man grinned wolfishly at his rampant shaft, and closed his cool fingers around his burning flesh.  A growl came from deep in his chest then he bent his head and pressed his full lips against his willing mouth. Moaning in pleasure, Ryan cupped his face and pushed his tongue deep, tasting beer and hot, delicious man. He thrust his tongue, in and out, keeping time with the hand moving with urgency on his cock.
“I can’t wait, any longer. I must have you.” Zac lifted his head. “Bend over the counter.”
Ryan stepped out of his clothes and kicked them to one side. He raised a brow. “You want to do me … and here, in the kitchen?” He raised both eyebrows in question. “You do know I’m a top, right?”
“What difference does that make? With me, you’ll need to give and take. Let me give you pleasure this time and next time I’ll do anything you want. Cross my heart.” Zac lowered his lashes as if waiting for permission.
Indecision made his hands shake. He met the man’s hooded gaze. Damn he oozed sex appeal. “They all warned me about you and your bad boy image.”
“I told you I wasn’t nice, but that trait can benefit you too. Who wants a good boy? Not you I’m guessing?”
 The idea of Zac deep inside him made his hole twitch in anticipation. “Hmm, okay maybe just this once.”
“You won’t be sorry.”  Zac grinned and handed him a tube of lube. “Grease up your tight little arse while I take care of business.”  He turned away to open the box of condoms, emptying the contents onto the counter in haste.

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Release Day!!!! Shadow Walkers.....the thrilling conclusion to the Dragonsong Trilogy.

 Shadow Walkers
 Dragonsong Trilogy 3

*Publisher:Luminosity Publishing LLC
*Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Shifters, Adventure,  Erotic romance
*Content/Theme(s)  : M/F, Dragon shifters, vampires, witches, dragons, magic, Fae, shifters,  mythological creatures, oral sex, anal, sex, erotic.


The breathtaking final book of the Dragonsong Trilogy.

Will Lumos win the battle and the love of his mate?

Time is running out.

Lumos must survive a battle against an army of soulless Shadow Walkers and rescue Thalia from the hands of the Boars.

Will he return to Drakka in time to meet the final challenge and release the Dragonfae from the clutches of the dark Magus?



Thalia straddled Lumos’s lap and gripped Argos’s mane to avoid pitching forward. The pathway down the cliff face to the sandy beach below dropped away unnervingly. The narrow chalk trail beneath the horse’s feet crumbled at every step. Lumos curled his large hand around her waist, pulling her against the solid strength of him. Under her bottom, his coiled thigh muscles gripped the horse’s sides. She lifted her chin and drew in the clean delight of the salty breeze. Below, a stretch of white sand snaked away into the distance. An expanse of aqua ocean surrounded the island of Trill beside dense rainforests and untouched beaches with swaying palm trees. It would seem the realm of Trill bathed in the warmth of a tropical paradise.

Troubled, Thalia stared into the distance in fear of what the Magus of Fullmount might do to prevent their progress. She sighed and leaned into Lumos. How could evil lurk in such beauty, surely this place is ruled by Cymbeline? Blinking into the sunlight, she gazed at the beach and the knot in her stomach relaxed. Under a cloudless sky, white-capped surf pounded the shoreline, crashing in a spill of foam. The shore breaks rushed over the sand and turned to liquid silver in the blaze of the late afternoon sun. As the waves retreated, the wet sand glittered as if turned to the finest gold dust. She absorbed the beauty around her, and observed the gulls hovering on the thermal updrafts. How would it feel like to hover like that?
The steep pathway curled down to the sand.  Her stomach dropped and she gripped Lumos’s hand. “I am a little afraid of heights. Do you believe I will be able to fly?”
“First, you must have wings.” Lumos nuzzled her neck. “Today, your ears have become most delightfully pointed, so the wings will come soon.”
She growled and pulled a face at him. “Oh, Lumos, of course, I know I must grow wings before I can fly.”
“I am teasing you, butterfly.” Lumos ran his tongue up to the tip of her ear. “We are all a little frightened of flying at first … but I will be with you, so you need not worry.”
 She squeezed his hand and swallowed the lump forming in her throat. “I am more worried about your challenge in Drakka.”
“Then worry no more, little one. You have seen my dragon, he is very strong and highly skilled in battle. Indeed, he could fight two dragons of Kird’s age with ease. In truth, Kird is no threat to the Nightdragon.” Lumos shrugged then narrowed his eyes. “The Shadow Walkers are another matter. I must rely on my own skills and Pyro’s to defeat them. We are only two against an army of soulless creatures. This is why we must avoid this conflict, not because we lack the skill to fight them but because they will outnumber us by twenty or more to one. These are not good odds in any battle.”
In Thalia’s mind came the gentle voice of the Nightdragon.
“The Magus believes we are heading for the city of Tuntoch, so you must convince him of our destination.  We will be traveling elsewhere. Pyro knows of a small village named Talltrees an hour or so from here. There is a tavern there to supply food and shelter for the night. Do not speak of Talltrees to Lumos but discuss Tuntoch and we will avoid the Magus’s meddling for one more eve. Lumos is aware of our conversation.”
 She smiled and turned to look at Lumos. “How big is the city of Tuntoch?”
“It is the main trading city of Trill. The people here are a race called ‘the Boars,’ a tribe that deals in suffering and closely related to a race known as the Rams.” Lumos gave her a squeeze. He had immediately recognized her deception aimed at the Magus. “They run slave ships along the coast to the port of Tuntoch. There are slave auctions every day.”
She snuggled against him and inhaled the Fae’s delicious scent. Her stomach quivered. Goddess, she wanted to be alone with him. Her mouth watered at the thought of tasting him and sliding his cock against her tongue. The though heated her swollen nipples and they dragged unmercifully against the rough material of her shirt. She forced herself to concentrate on the conversation. “And the Boars, what are they like?”
“They are pigs.” Lumos’s breath hitched in his throat and he moaned then bent his head close to her ear. “I can smell your arousal. Gods, I am so hard for you, little one.” He lifted her shirt. “I am dying to suck these hard little buds.” He caressed her breasts with his rough fingertips driving her crazy with lust. “I want to bury myself deep inside that tight little ass of yours.”
Liquid flooded her folds. Her tight breeches rubbed against her hard swollen clit and sent flames of arousal shooting up her spine. He skillfully tormented her nipples and she squirmed against him, aware of his erection riding between the cleft of her bottom.
 She rubbed her bottom against his hard length. “I ache for you.”
“I know. I will find a place for us tonight… I promise.” He brushed her cheek with a kiss. “You must try and get some rest, close your eyes, and I will wake you when we arrive.”

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Release Day! Lord Byron's Secret Obsession + Steamy Except

Release Day for Lord Byron's Secret Obsession- HOT!!!! M/M, Historical, BDSM+ Blurb
Rather than believing this book is being sabotaged, I have to assume it is so damn hot Amazon have decided not to display the cover and haven't for two months since the pre-release. I do hope my readers will support this book.
It's not released on All Romance and I have no control over that. I have added a list of other distributors below, plus the Amazon one :-)

The cover is now up Thanks Pan Macmillan :-)

Can he regain his lover's freedom?

Lord Byron Wilton leaves England for the Americas after a public argument with his secret lover, Lord David Litchfield. On his return, he finds, Lord David has become an unwilling sex partner for the reprobate Mr. Hale and his cohorts, due to unpaid gambling debts. After Mr. Hale refuses his offer to settle the debts, Lord Byron makes an outlandish and dangerous plan to outwit the trio. He must use every trick in the book, and a considerable amount of his fortune, in an effort to regain his lover's freedom.

Perfect for readers of Bailey Bradford, Ava March and R.G. Alexander.

London, 1769
 A rush of pain radiated from Lord Byron’s clenched teeth and shot into his temples. The burn from over-exertion raged across his shoulders and his sweaty grip slipped on the leather handle of the cane. He gazed down at his lover, savoring the crisscross of red welts marking the porcelain flesh, and the raised handprints on each tender buttock. He bent over the slim figure tied so deliciously on the bench, and licked along each crimson cut. Using his mouth to soothe and caress, he lapped, enjoying the taste of the sweet skin, the rise of gooseflesh under his tongue. The man’s scentof soap mingled with the warm aroma of male sexfilled his nostrils. Tied this way, stretched out with both arms and legs secured, he had complete control over Lord David. The power of dominance surged through him. In truth, he could easily draw blood with his cane if he decided to, yet he loved him, and gave his lover what he craved. In fact, Lord David had become a dangerous obsession.
This brief afternoon of love play had been different from those long nights of bliss they had enjoyed so often before. He needed to conquer him, to take back his role as Master in a relationship teetering on the brink of disaster. With slow, deliberatemoves he stalked around the bench, running the cane over Lord David’s quivering flesh. He stopped at the head of the young man. “Why do you question my loyalty? I will not tolerate such behavior.” He grasped a handful of his long, blond curls and tugged. “Speak.”
“I am jealous, Master.”
Byron brought the birch down in two swift cuts across the damp skin of Lord David’s pristine back. The cry of pain from the prone man sent flames of desire rushing to his cock. Christ, he loved to hear his sweet boy moan. He wanted to punish him and drive any question of his devotion from Lord David’s mind, but reluctantly he threw down the cane. “Of whom are you jealous this time?”
Lord John, Master.” The slave drew a shuddering breath. “I do not want you to continue your friendship with him.”
“When you are tied to my bed, I am the Master.” Byron cupped Lord David’s flushed cheek and stared into cornflower-blue eyes. “I will not tolerate such demands from my slave. If you continue in this manner, I will have no option but to take my leave.” He ground his teeth. “I warn you, do not think to use my devotion as a weapon to manipulate me to your will. If need be, I will take a commission abroad to be rid of you.”
“Byron…I beg you…think of my feelings.”
“You would have me weak?” Byron dropped his breeches. “I think not.”
“No, Master, not weaknever weak.”Lord David’s attention fell to Byron’s shaft and he licked his full lips. “I do not care to share you with Lord John.” He grimaced. “When you are in his company, I fear I will lose you.”
Byron growled. “I regret now confiding my relationship with Lord John to you before we became involved. The man is a dear friendbut you are my lover. If you don’t believe this to be true, the trust you claim to have in me does not exist.” He sighed. “Perhaps it is you that wants to end our relationship.”
“Christ, I would have no other touch me in this way, and you know this to be true.”Lord David poked out his tongue and swiped it across the head of Byron’s cock. He moaned. “I beg your forgiveness.”
“You have my forgiveness, but I cannot allow you to dictate which friends I have. You know I have no desire to liewith any of them. Arguing with me in public has already put us both under scrutiny. Christ, David, we cannot be seen together. The risk is too high. What reason would I have to be in your company?” Byron stroked David’s cheek. “If you cannot trust me,this time we have together, our relationship, will not survive.” Byron groaned. “I care for you deeply but I will not allow you to risk the hangman’s noose because of youthful foolishness. I will not offer you another chance, do you understand?” Byron tugged David’s hair. “Do you?”
“Yes.”David smiled. “Master, will you allow me to pleasure you?I crave the taste of your seed.”
Palming his shaft, he guided it toward his rosy lips and  sighed. The man’s hot, wet mouth surrounded him with absolute bliss. He loved the way David’s flushed cheeks pulled tight with every withdrawn thrust. Later, he would take his tight, hot arse, and hear his intoxicating screams of delight. He could never have enough of his luscious young man. Byron rolled his hips, his hands cradling David’s sweat-soaked cheeks. Lord, he knew how to take him to heaven. Tipping back his head, he plunged deeperinto Lord David’s delightful throat.
This session with Lord David had been brutal. Byron wanted to stamp his authority over the young man. Of late, the possessive nature of his delicious boy had become out of hand.Lord David had grown too demanding. He had no option but to take a stand.His lover’s teeth raked a path up his aching cock and his inquisitive tongue flicked over the sensitive tip. Byron bit back a groan and fell into the darkness of forbidden bliss. His slave’s mouth became a whirlpool of ecstasy, spinning him into an uncontrollable, shattering conclusion. Withdrawing, he drew him into his arms and held him close. “Never forget that I love you.”
“This I know.” Lord David’s face held such an expression of devotion, his heart squeezed. “I love you, too, Byron, and I will try not to disappoint you.”
He stroked Lord David’s sweat-soaked hair. “For once, do as I say. Your jealousy is leading us down a path of damnation.”